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Hook-type PU panel for cold storage is a fast and easy assembly of refrigeration equipment, which compared with the traditional cold storage has the following advantages: a good thermal insulation and moisture-proof performance. Use in the range of -50 ~ +100 ℃. Light weight, not easy to rot, flame retardant performance, high compressive strength, good seismic performance, combination of flexible, easy to install. Or according to user needs and configure the refrigeration unit and refrigeration components.


Hook-type PU panel for cold storage is the steel structure skeleton, and supplemented by insulation walls, roof and chassis, to achieve insulation, moisture and cooling performance requirements, assembly-type cold storage insulation mainly by the insulation wall (wall) , Roof (patio board), floor, door, support plate and base components, they are assembled through a special structure of the child hook, fixed, to ensure good cold storage, air tightness


Standard width: 960mm, non-standard custom length: 1 m -15 m.


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