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Cold chain logistics year, 2018 cold chain logistics policy analysis report

1. Pay attention to the short board of cold chain and encourage the construction of cold chain infrastructure;

2. Pay attention to the top-level design, constantly improve the relevant policies of cold chain logistics, and    improve the standards and specifications of cold chain logistics;

3. Focus on technology driven, promote the level of informatization and modernization, and build the whole chain    cold chain logistics system;

4. Focus on the value-added of local processing of agricultural products, support the development of post harvest    processing and cold chain logistics, such as grading, processing and packaging, preservation and storage, and    establish and improve the agricultural supply chain.

With the support of national policies, cold chain logistics shows a good momentum of development.

The fund subsidy of cold chain logistics is relatively strong, and many enterprises actually enjoy the government    subsidy, especially in Henan Province, Sichuan Province, Shenyang City, Ningbo City and other agricultural product    production and supply bases, which leads to a very lively cold chain industry, but also blind investment and excess    assets.

At the same time, the speed of large-scale development of cold chain logistics needs to be improved, and the    policies of cold chain logistics need to be strengthened. Many provinces and cities still have problems such as    small scale, low level, high cost, scattered development, weak infrastructure of cold chain logistics, lagging    information construction, lack of standards and norms for the development and management of cold chain logistics,    and insufficient talent reserve of cold chain logistics.

Appeal 1: continue to support cold chain infrastructure construction

Increase investment, strengthen the construction of cold chain logistics infrastructure, give play to the role of    planning and guidance, implement capital subsidies, and reduce blind investment.

Appeal 2: continue to improve the land use policy of cold chain logistics

For the cold chain logistics projects listed in the plan, the new construction land shall be inclined or the    industrial land policy shall be implemented.

Appeal 3: continue to improve the investment and financing policy of cold chain logistics

Introduce external and internal links, guide financial and investment institutions to provide loans, investment and    financing support for cold chain logistics infrastructure construction.

Claim 4: continue to improve relevant laws and standards

We will promote professional certification systems such as organic agricultural products, HACCP and ISO, as well as    measures such as the protection of the country of origin and the management of geographical indications. Certified    enterprises will enter the market, and modernize, informationize and standardize the cold chain logistics of    agricultural products.

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