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Cold chain logistics drives the rapid development of supporting cold chain equipment industry

Cold chain equipment is the core part of cold chain industry, and specific cold chain equipment corresponds to specific cold chain links. The cold chain industry consists of three major links: production and storage, cold storage, transportation and distribution, and sales terminal. Each link needs to be equipped with corresponding refrigeration equipment and quality monitoring management system.

China's refrigeration and air conditioning equipment manufacturing industry has maintained a rapid growth in recent years. The market scale of the industry in 2014 was 266.2 billion yuan, with an average compound growth rate of 19.77%, of which the year-on-year growth in 2014 was 14.74%.

In 2015, the proportion of cold chain equipment in the industry was about 15%, the market scale in 2015 was about 45.5 billion yuan, and the growth rate will remain about 10% in the next three years; the proportion of automotive air conditioning in the industry was 14%, and the market scale in 2015 was about 42.5 billion yuan. In recent years, the growth of bus air conditioning industry is relatively stable. In 2015, the market scale of bus air conditioning for large and medium-sized buses was about 4.5 billion yuan.

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Cold chain equipment industry is closely related to the development of cold chain industry. Cold chain logistics is mainly used in food (including agricultural products), medicine, chemical industry, electronics and other fields, of which food cold chain and drug cold chain account for a large proportion. Compared with the developed countries, the development of cold chain logistics in China is still in the primary stage, which is mainly reflected in the low rate of refrigerated transportation, high rate of agricultural product corruption and imperfect cold chain infrastructure. With the gradual maturity of cold chain business model, the scale of cold chain service market in China has been continuously expanding in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of 24.30% from 2011 to 2013. According to Roland Berger's forecast, driven by macro policies and market demand, China's cold chain logistics industry will maintain an average annual growth of 25% in the future, and the market size will reach 470 billion yuan and 580 billion yuan by 2017-2018. The rapid development of cold chain logistics in China has led to the rapid development of supporting cold chain equipment industry.

At present, the cold chain equipment business mainly focuses on the field of food cold chain, and gradually expands to the field of medicine cold chain; the bus air conditioning business mainly focuses on the bus manufacturing industry, bus companies, passenger transport companies and other transportation fields.

As the main product of the issuer, the commercial display cabinet belongs to the terminal refrigeration equipment of cold chain industry, and is widely used in the sales terminal of dairy products, frozen food, cold and fresh food and other fast-moving consumer goods industry.

There are obvious differences in functionality between commercial display cabinets and ordinary household refrigerators and freezers. Commercial display cabinets not only have more professional functions of food freezing and refrigeration, but also are important carriers for image publicity and product display of food manufacturers, and are important channels for product sales. Therefore, the commercial display cabinet product is a customized and differentiated cold chain terminal equipment, whose market scale is directly related to the national consumption demand and the channel promotion of FMCG manufacturers.

With the rapid development of cold chain market, the market scale of China's commercial display cabinets has expanded. During 2012-2014, the demand of China's commercial display cabinets has increased rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. In 2014, the demand for commercial display cabinets in China was 2.21 million sets / year, with an annual growth rate of over 14%.

Other refrigeration equipment mainly includes medicine shade box, shade cabinet, medical refrigerator, etc. Medical cold chain equipment is mainly used in the production, transportation, storage and use of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics, and its development degree mainly depends on the development of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics market. Since the state strengthened the control of the pharmaceutical industry in 2011, the annual compound growth rate of the scale of the domestic refrigerated pharmaceutical market is about 15%, and the scale of the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is correspondingly growing rapidly.

The rapid growth of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics brings the demand for medical cold chain equipment. The independently developed pharmaceutical cool box, cool cabinet, medical cold storage and other products have been put into the market. At present, the share of medical cold chain equipment in revenue is still small, but it will continue to grow in the future.

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