The analysis of cold storage transportation skills

  Cold storage panel has a good performance and cold storage panel building features, during the transport process, it must be as possible to reduce the loss of its products and ensure the integrity of the cold storage panel, CAS GYW ..


The Introduction of fresh-keeping method of Pomegranate in Cold Storage

  Pomegranate is fruit with a peculiar shape, bright color, delicious, and nutrient rich variety of health care function. In order to better keep the fruit fresh and nutrient and to extend the preservation time of the pomegranate, res ..


The cold storage temperature of fruit and vegetable should be controlled well, the humidity too

  Fruit and vegetable in order to sell a good price in the market, not only need to store a long time to achieve anti-season sales, but also to ensure the pure taste, the good appearance. So the fruits and vegetables do not only need ..


The six basic requirements of medical cold storage construction

  Medicine cold storage can effectively keep drugs,and prevent corruption, so the application is very wide. Engineers point out that the cold storage construction and design need to meet the relevant national standards, cold storage s ..


Cold energy conservation measures did not pay enough attention

Cold storage is a large energy consumption. Data show that: the evaporator oil film for each additional 0.1 ㎜, will make the evaporation temperature decreased by 2.5 ℃, power consumption increased by 11%. Condenser in the presence of oil fi ..


Compressor efficiency is low, the cooling capacity can not meet the warehouse load requirements

Compressor due to long-term operation, cylinder liner and piston rings and other components due to serious wear and tear, with the gap increases, the sealing performance will be a corresponding decline in the compressor gas transmission coe ..

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