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一、Product introduction

Stop check valve and check valve series products are mainly used on pipelines that only allow the medium to flow in one direction and prevent the flow in the opposite direction. Under the action of the pressure of the fluid flowing in one direction, the valve disc opens; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and the self-regulating valve disc of the valve disc act on the valve seat, thereby cutting off the flow.

The stop check valve can also be used as a stop valve. When the rotary valve stem is screwed into the valve body, the valve stem presses the valve disc seal to function as a stop valve. Lift the valve stem and leave the disc, so that the disc acts as a check valve when it relies solely on spring and medium pressure. There are two kinds of manual driving devices: hand wheel and bonnet. You can choose one of them.

Can be used to prevent the medium from flowing back on various pipes of the refrigeration system


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