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This product is a pressure regulating valve for pressure control of evaporator, condenser pressure and other refrigeration system inlet pressure.

The pressure regulating valve is composed of a main valve and a 0 ~ 1.95MPa regulating pilot valve. It can be adjusted on the spot according to the set inlet pressure. Open when valve inlet pressure rises.

The medium enters the lower part of the diaphragm (space N) through the inlet and the channel. When the medium intake pressure exceeds the range of the spring force, the diaphragm pops up and leaves the base to allow the pressure to enter the upper part of the power piston. This causes the power piston to move downwards to promote the valve flap Opening while adjusting to maintain a constant inlet pressure. Increasing pressure pushes the diaphragm further, allowing more pressure to reach the upper part of the piston to open the valve flap more, and the valve outlet flow increases.

When the inlet pressure is reduced, the diaphragm movement becomes smaller, and the clearance with respect to the base becomes smaller, so that the intake air pressure pushing the piston becomes smaller and the valve opening is reduced. The pressure pushing the piston is affected by the pressure of the air intake through the base, the pressure of the overflow from the piston overflow port, and the clearance between the piston and the cylinder liner.


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