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一、Product introduction

The shape and structure of the throttle valve series products are not different from the shut-off valves, except that the shapes of their opening and closing parts are different. The opening and closing part of the throttle valve adopts a conical streamline type, and the valve stem is rotated clockwise to drive the opening and closing part to reduce the passage area. Conversely, the passage area is increased clockwise, so that the passage cross-sectional area can be changed to adjust the flow and pressure .

This series of valve has two types of angle type and straight-through type. It is equipped with hand wheel or bonnet manual driving device. You can choose the appropriate structure according to your needs.


1.Pay attention to personnel safety during installation and maintenance, and do not perform any operation when the valve is under pressure;

2.Perform regular inspections to determine the status of valve components and fasteners。




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