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Plug-in type PU panel for cold storage_Cold Storage Door_Refrigeration Equipment

It is designed for the cold storage room and large cold storage. The plate is uniform and stable. The insulation performance is excellent, the waterproof performance is good, the appearance is beautiful, durable and easy to install. To solve the temperature difference between the refrigeration industry. In a certain modulus, the library can be in the long, wide, high three directions free to change, can be expanded or reduced according to need, but also the board open the guide and then reload, assembly is very convenient. Plate by the continuous production line production, stable performance, high production capacity, is the best choice for large cold storage.


Plug-in cold storage board connection for the concave groove docking, the outside can be used to fasten the zipper. Which can be plastic, PU filling can be filled, and cut off the cold bridge, can be used for large-scale cold storage library. Jiangsu Jinzheng Technology Co., Ltd. Standard width: 960MM, 1150MM, length arbitrary. 50MM, 75MM, 100MM, 120MM, 180MM, 200MM, 250MM, can be customized according to customer needs.


1, core density of 40KG / M3


2, panel thickness 0.4--0.8MM range


3, thermal conductivity is very low, 0.024

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