The analysis of cold storage transportation skills

2018-02-01 15:44:47

微信图片_20171111094105_副本.jpg  Cold storage panel has a good performance and cold storage panel building features, during the transport process, it must be as possible to reduce the loss of its products and ensure the integrity of the cold storage panel, CAS GYW give you a analysis of cold storage panel transportation skills.

  Cold storage panel manufacturers take the shipment of products to a larger market as its expandation of the most basic conditions for production, but also to minimize losses as possible, so what kind of methods to avoid damage during the cold storage transportation is good?

  First, the best way is to use vehicle transport during transportation,because vehicle transport does not require a mid-way transfer, so during the transportation it will generally not cause damage and can greatly reduce the probability of damage.

  Second, a small amount of transportation are generally checked by the logistics, but the logistics consignment is generally passed several times after the transfer to reach the destination, you need to use the following methods to reduce panel damage in transportation:

  1.The panel should be coated abovecolor steel before delivery

  2.The panel should be coated abovecolor steel before delivery

  3.Four corners of the cold panel should be wrapped with cardboard.

  4.To find professional logistics transporters, to ensure the technical level of transport.

  These are two methods, so you can effectively prevent the damage of cold storage panel in transportation, to ensure maximum product quality, and to improve economic efficiency.

  Here is our suggestion: when loading cold storage, we must try to carefully check the loading quality and product safety.