The Introduction of fresh-keeping method of Pomegranate in Cold Storage

2018-01-29 14:55:23

  Pomegranate is fruit with a peculiar shape, bright color, delicious, and nutrient rich variety of health care function. In order to better keep the fruit fresh and nutrient and to extend the preservation time of the pomegranate, researchers use of mechanical cold storage to store pomegranate, the temperature required to control (4士l) ℃, the relative humidity of air maintained at 80% -85%. Easy to keep: refers to the use of 68.

  Four degrees: refers to (4 + -1) ℃. The proverb of agricultural production said: mechanical cold storage to store pomegranate, temperature should control at four degrees; selection of pomegranate which is easy to keep freshness at eighty five. Eighth five: The freshness of fruit up to 85% after four months preservation.

  The temperature has a determined effect on the preservation of pomegranate. After strict selection, pomegranate wrapped with 003 mm thick PE bag (polyethylene molecular compound plastic film bag) single fruit packaging conditions, After 4 months, the fruit remains fresh, grain color gloss, fresh juice, and above 85% of pomegranate is well preserved.