The cold storage temperature of fruit and vegetable should be controlled well, the humidity too

2018-01-29 14:49:33

  Fruit and vegetable in order to sell a good price in the market, not only need to store a long time to achieve anti-season sales, but also to ensure the pure taste, the good appearance. So the fruits and vegetables do not only need to adjust the air conditioning technology to control breathing, but also control the relative humidity inside the cold storage.

  The relative humidity will affect the fruit and vegetable quality directly. The humidification system in the storage is used to keep the humidity of gas and prevent the fruits and vegetables from evaporating and keep the water content of fruits and vegetables.

  In order to delay the product become softening and wilting due to water loss, in addition to fruit, dried fruit, onions and other small varieties, most of the perishable fruit and vegetable products should be stored in a relative humidity which maintained at 85% to 95%. Experience shows that the humidifier in a week after the opening is appropriate, start too early will increase the amount of rotten fruit, start too late will lead to fruit loss of water, affecting the storage effect so the focus of relative humidity management is to manage the humidifier and its control.