Cold energy conservation measures did not pay enough attention

2017-05-31 17:00:43

Cold storage is a large energy consumption. Data show that: the evaporator oil film for each additional 0.1 ㎜, will make the evaporation temperature decreased by 2.5 ℃, power consumption increased by 11%. Condenser in the presence of oil film, scale or evaporator appearance frost and other issues will lead to evaporation temperature drop, power consumption increased. In addition, the low temperature storage or quick-freezing device after the purchase of the compression ratio is less than 8, you should first use single-stage refrigeration compression, when the evaporation pressure down, the compression ratio is greater than 8 and then switch to two-stage compression refrigeration, and many bottom temperature Cold storage just opened on the two-stage compressor, so that cold storage energy consumption increased.