Cold storage evaporator surface frost is too thick or too much dust, heat transfer effect decreased

2017-05-31 16:40:10

Another important reason for the slow decline in the temperature of the cold storage is the low heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator, which is mainly due to the excess or excessive dust on the surface of the evaporator. As the surface temperature of the cold storage evaporator mostly below 0 ℃, and the warehouse is relatively high humidity, moisture in the air easily in the evaporator surface frost, and even icing, affecting the heat transfer effect of the evaporator. To prevent the surface of the evaporator surface cream layer is too thick, need to regularly defrost it. Here are two simple defrost methods: ① stop defrosting. That is, to stop the compressor operation, open the warehouse door, so that library temperature rise, until the cream layer automatically melted, and then restart the compressor. ② red cream. After the goods in the warehouse are moved out, flush the surface of the evaporator directly with the tap water with high temperature so that the frost layer dissolves or falls off. In addition to the frost is too thick will lead to poor heat transfer effect of the evaporator, the evaporator surface due to long-term cleaning and dust is too thick, the heat transfer efficiency will be significantly reduced.