Industrial Door Seal


Effectively sealed the loading and unloading cargo terminals and vehicles between the body of the gap, to ensure the safe and efficient loading and unloading, and effectively protect the loading and unloading cargo from rain、snow 、 sand and other weather attacks, anti-hot and cold, to guarantee good working conditions and efficiency in the work area

◎ Excellent tightness: It completely seals the loading and unloading area.

◎ Preventing air flow: It prevents air flow and cold air exchange.

◎ Autonomous system: Consisting of a loading and unloading platform, door cover, sliding door.

◎ Flexible and convenient: It effectively reduces the space occupied by the warehouse and can be moved.

◎ Low cost


Sponge Door Seal


Seal efficiency is more than 95%

Gasket effectively prevents sponge material from  

    being squeezed into compartment.

Strong durability and long service life

Material: Polyester fibre, Sponge

Principle: Sponge balance

Color: Yellow strip on a black background


Mechanical Door Seal

◎ Width: 3400mm  Height: 3400mm

◎ Material: Polyester fibre, aluminum alloy, galvanized tube.

◎ Adjustable height range: 1000mm

◎ Principle: Spring balance

◎ Color: Black


Inflatable Door Seal

◎ External airbag: 0.88mmPVC

◎ Interior airbag: Single layer or double layers film curtain

◎ Using temperature: -40°C~+70°C

◎ Opening mode: Electromotion and remote control.

◎ It is used in areas with bad weather.

◎ Material: PVC    Principle: Inflation     Color:Black