Loading and Unloading Platform


Loading platform plays the role of bridge between the truck and the ground.

Three types of platforms:

Turnover hydraulic platform,

Lip type loading platform

Pneumatic loading platform


Turnover Hydraulic Platform

1. Quickly build the bridge between platform and truck, increasing loading and unloading efficiency.

2.Hinge is more safe and solid.

3.Maintenance strut provides security for maintainer.

4.Safety valve device prevents oil tube rupture and controls platform drop.

5.Both sides of panel have seal strips to stop garbage getting into platform.

6.Collision post prevents the impact of the vehicle and platform.


Lip Type Loading Platform

1. It doesn't have to build hollow to meet the requirements of installation and use of platform.

2. It depends on the tension of spring to assist in the completing of action and maintain the continuity of action.

3. It doesn't have to maintain and is quick and easy to install.

4. It is not impact on environment and suitable for clean workhouse or explosion-proof area.

5. Load-bearing: 6000~8000KG


 Pneumatic Loading Platform

1.Advanced low pressure lifting system.

2.Easily clean bottom structure.

3.Reaching the test standard of MH-30.1-2000

4.Longer service life, more stable operation, more flexible.

5.Maintenance strut provides security for maintainer.

6.Thickness of collision post is 100mm.