Automatic Sliding Door


The door is using the international advanced technology, beautifully produced, with a sealed, good insulation; is characterized by smooth operation of the door, long life, and suitable for large-size door.



Food, industry, supermarket, storage, pharmacy, retail.


Using environment



Door plank

Great tightness performance. Unique rounded shape is more beautiful.


Door frame

Due to adopt aluminum alloy or stainless steel, so it is not perishable and durable. Without temperature control or manually turning off the power supply.


Sealing strip

Good chemical stability and durable. It can adapt to a wide range of temperature. Working temperature is -50°C~+130°C.


Optional parts

(1)A wireless remote controller (2)Collision post. It is installed inside and outside the door to prevent the impact of the vehicle. (3) Pull switch


Lead rail

Aluminum alloy rail


Electronic control system

Schneider electrical components are reliable and durable.