Recruitment of HR


1. Responsible for daily affairs of the general affairs department;Responsible for recruitment, office attendance and assessment;

2. Responsible for the receiving and sorting of various documents, office supplies procurement and statistics;

3. Responsible for the daily management of the office.Responsible for ordering Chinese food;

4. Responsible for team communication;

5. Responsible for the reception of foreign staff;

6. Other tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Salary: 2500-3500 yuan;

2. Probation period: excellent candidates can be transferred to full-time positions in advance of 3 months;

3. Welfare: pay the five insurances after becoming a full-time employee, provide Chinese food at noon, birthday welfare + holiday welfare + paid annual leave + company travel, single leave, and national legal leave;

Working address:

Room 910#, Tianrun Technology Block, Science & Education Town, Wujin, Changzhou, China

Working time:

At 8:30-17:30pm single Hugh

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