Recruitment of foreign trade personnel (5)


1. Used the network platform to explore the overseas market, sought to track overseas customers, sorted out and replied to inquiries and did follow-up work in the later period, and completed individual sales performance and team sales performance.

2. Timely learn the market information, maintain the background data of the company's website and network platform, and release new products;

3. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain good relationship with old customers, and be responsible for the promotion and sales of products in foreign markets;

4. Master customer requirements, actively explore, and complete the task indicators assigned by the superior;

5. Collected business information, grasped market trends, and timely reported the market situation to leaders;

6. Actively communicate and coordinate with production department to ensure timely export of goods.


1. The base salary + commission 3500-10000 is not capped;

2. Probation period: excellent candidates can be transferred to full-time positions in advance of 3 months;

3. Benefits: after becoming a full-time employee, pay the five insurances, birthday benefits + holiday benefits + paid annual leave + company travel, single vacation, and national legal vacation;

4. Elegant working environment, good atmosphere, harmonious relationship with colleagues, rich birthday parties, dinners and other activities;

5. The company pays attention to the cultivation of employees and offers opportunities for promotion. The management mainly develops and promotes employees.

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